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Mansi Thakar

Women's Society of Cyberjutsu
Chief Operating Officer of Cyberjutsu
Mansi Thakar is the Chief Operating Officer and has over 5 years of experience leading national nonprofits. She has a flair for sustainable innovative ideas and a history of implementing them successfully. With an undergraduate degree in chemistry, Thakar decided to get a cyber security degree after becoming intrigued with the field and realizing how highly transferable and applicable a degree in the discipline would be.

To Thakar, cyber security is a field where you can be a superhero. But when you’re a modern-day tech protector facing millions of malware threats, you need backup. That is why she is drawn to the space where cyber security meets machine learning. Thakar wants to help shape how we meet the growing magnitude of cyber threats through data and automation. This challenge energizes her – the same way she is energized by the challenge of being one of the few women in the field, even though it is sometimes difficult. 

She knows that what she achieves can have a ripple effect and inspire others. She also plays a Lead role in the PBS Documentary, Life Hackers and is a key member of the DefCon NOC. When she isn't discussing infosec, she can be found crocheting InfoSec memorabilia for the community.